A solution designed to enhance and accelerate your screening and sourcing practices

Idea Generation

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to generate deal ideas and identified trends you might have not spotted otherwise

Time Saving

Identify opportunities faster and accelerate your sourcing and screening processes

Higher Productivity

Never miss deals or important trends and react quickly to client needs

Meaningful Insights

Use our insights and proprietary data for smarter and better sourcing practices

Real-time Monitoring

Receive real-time alerts and constantly scan industry trends and deal signals

Leverage your Data

Create a competitive edge with personalised AI models bringing third party and your proprietary data together

An AI recommendation system
dedicated to the M&A industry

A comprehensive sourcing solution

Sourcing & Screening tools, Lead Enrichment, Peers identifier, Precedent Transactions




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M&A Advisory
M&A bank and boutique, fundraising advisors
Corporate M&A
Corporate M&A, strategic or innovation teams
Investment Industry
Private Equity, Venture Capital, incubator and accelerator
Consulting Firms
Strategic consulting and market due diligence providers

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