A Recommendation System Dedicated to M&A and Private Equity

A 3-Step Fully Automated Process

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence for your sourcing and origination efforts. Use Sealk to aggregate and combine large volume of data from both third party and proprietary data sources with the objective of turning them into actionable assets with machine learning and predictive algorithms


Data Acquisition and Aggregation

From financial databases
From web scraping and public sources
From proprietary data and CRM systems


Semantic Enrichment

Proprietary NLP algorithms extracting meaning from unstructured text content


Machine Learning and Recommendation System

Identify affinities and similarities between companies based on their core characteristics, reengineered features and past interactions

Interested in Enhancing your Deal Sourcing Capabilities ?

M&A Advisory

M&A bank and boutique, fundraising advisors Generate transaction ideas, build target and bidder lists and find new prospects

Corporate M&A

Corporate M&A, strategic or innovation teams Identify and monitor companies and trends in your target sectors or geographies

Investment Industry

Private Equity, Venture Capital, incubator and accelerator Find you next investment opportunities and monitor both build-up and exit opportunities for your portfolio companies

Consulting Firms

Strategic consulting and market due diligence providers Conduct market research, find emerging trends and companies and screen sectors proactively

Ready to make deal sourcing smarter ?

Sealk is an artificial intelligence solution dedicated to facilitate deal sourcing for the M&A, Private Equity and Consulting industries