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Collect and Manipulate Data Intelligently with Sealk

Recommendation Features

Access to our list of recommendation features dedicated to deal sourcing and origination

Store and Turn Your Data Into Actionable Assets

Connect your CRM and financial database for personalised recommendations

Extract and Leverage Your Unstructured Data

Extract data from pdf, excel or powerpoint files and activate them into machine learning algorithms

Recommendation Features

Enhance and Accelerate Your Deal Sourcing Process

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to generate transaction ideas and identify companies or trends you might not have identified otherwise. Build your list of targets or bidders, screen and map sectors, identify comparable companies and relevant precedent transactions

Store, Enrich and Make your Data Actionable

Centralise and synchronise third party and proprietary data together to get personalised recommendations and leverage the power or your off-market knowledge. Connect your CRM and financial databases to Sealk and reinforce the power of our machine learning algorithms

Turning Your Data Into Intelligence

Build a unique dataset to train your own machine learning models and build your competitive edge thanks to technology and a proprietary dataset

Ready to make sourcing smarter?

SaaS artificial intelligence solution dedicated to identifying and monitoring mergers & acquisitions opportunities