An AI recommendation system dedicated to the M&A industry



Sourcing tool

Select a company or topics and choose your M&A scenario to discover a list of recommended companies and a suggestion of company profiles you should look at






Screening tool

Get a personalized screening experience by selecting a combination of topics and meaninglful indicators based on your preferences or recommended topics coming from our AI engine







Lead Enrichment

Gain valuable and actionable insights into companies and topics such as deal signals or deal likelihood







Peers Identifier

Select a company and get a recommended list of comparable companies








Precedent Transactions

Select a company and access to a list of relevant historical transactions involving similar companies





Our services are available through

  • SAAS Platform A sleek platform that enables you to access and visualise Sealk recommendations and data, save your requests and create alerts Annual license fee Request a demo
  • API Delivery Powerful APIs that enable you to integrate Sealk recommendations and data into your own system or platform
    Pricing per APIs Request a demo